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Title: Witness to the word by DCPA5 Title: Witness to the word by DCPA5
Oil on bond paper

People would think this painting is like an anti-Christ symbol, or something about being religious because of the title. I entitled it WITNESS TO THE WORD because the eye symbolizes the word witness and the lips as the word. I've been through a lot of things since then, and my confusion, great confusion got worst when I realized I love art eventhough I graduated with the course nursing. A lot of people are telling me I can be both-Nurse and painter, and THEIR WORDS are the very thing that is pushing me to pursue on being a nurse and take the board exam and pass it. But the thing is, there are a lot of hindrances to that, a lot of things stopping me from that..and one of which are those people whom I thought I could turn into are the ones trying to put me down with what I'm trying to become. Their words were like an alarm clock trying to wake me up in the reality that im still trying to know. So the words of those who believe in me vs to those who dont plus what I'm going through right now are the ones who's making my eyes confused on what to believe in. For it was once said, that you'll only believe if you can see it. So what now?
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January 24, 2013
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